Despite having so many incredible powers, I also have weaknesses in my dreams. Some of these lead to my defeat, others are rather irrelevant.

EFFECT TIME: Most of my powers seem to only have a temporary effect, and while some powers consistently appear from dream-to-dream, there is nothing that suggests my powers can permanently change something which appear in another dream, especially since even reverse psychology (a trump card) cannot ignite lucidity in a following dream.

THE INNOCENT’S PROTECTION: Many of my powers only have defensive capabilities rather than offensive perks. For example, the emergency breath and ramble death do not work on people who do not wish to harm me. Even my trump card “Table-turning” cannot affect those who don’t threaten me. Still, I could potentially easily kill any innocent dream character with my ultimate punch along with my martial art skills, (or perhaps even "22") not to mention using Reverse Psychology.

THE ELEMENT OF SURPRISE—when I am surprised, I seem to be caught in a moment of weakness, and am able to be easily defeated. Another time I was confused, and couldn’t react or defend in time. [See Woman with Flamethrower] Even as an observer in a lucid dream, I can still be surprised. In fact, one time I was so surprised by my sister splashing water onto me (in a dream) I woke up (technically "dying"/"becoming unconscious" in that dream). Fortunately, none of my romantic interests or friends have turned out to be villains. :P

THE WEAPON OF FEAR—when I am overwhelmed by fear, I seem to be incapable of doing anything, or I just accept my fate. However, this can turn against my adversary with my ability to “Turn the tables” that never fails as mentioned above, as well as my Emergency breath of destruction.

List of obvious fears: Arachnophobia (fear of bugs), lygophobia (fear of darkness), aquaphobia (fear of water, specifically, floods)

IGNORANCE/ARROGANCE-- I am very confident in my abilities at times, however, this makes me ever more susceptible to surprise. Furthermore, my ignorance can make me forget about my abilities that work all the time and instead try for untrustworthy methods of solutions such as escaping from a flood (I can breathe in water!) or flying away from a villain (flying is unreliable, and wastes time and energy). Fortunately enough only Golden-Bullet seemed to purposefully use this against myself.

MORTALITY: Despite having so many powers, I still have basic needs such as drinking, eating, and sleeping. In addition, I fear many opponents due to the fact that I can indeed die. [Even if I just come back/revive later]

RELIABILITY OF POWERS— I have a tough time keeping in mind of all my powers, and only use a limited selection of powers at a time. In addition, as seen from the obvious subcategories of "100%" and "unreliable powers", not all my powers work all the time; and all my powers have their limitations or drawbacks.

CRUSHING BLOWS (on the head): Things such as a gigantic battery, a factory machine, and a troll's club have managed to hit me on the head and damage me severely or even rendered me unconscious, in contrast to other weapons.

KINDNESS/MERCY: While sometimes I get rid of annoyances with a simple reverse-psychology statement, I am not always cruel to my opponents, as I sometimes doubt using powers against them or giving the fight everything I have. Nevertheless, it is inferred I hold back against my opponents since I can always use a "dance-fighting" style that is far superior to my usual fighting style; and in addition sometimes I choose a more complex solution than using my powers since otherwise it would be boring (for example. choosing not to use "22" when finding a sword due to thinking it boring). I also almost always attack my opponent with my right-hand (and only use left-hand to assist), even though I am not right-handed within dreams.