"Trump Cards"

These "trump cards" are my most powerful, and also (probably) most used powers. They are the main reason why I am so difficult to defeat. Despite the fact that I call them my trump cards, each of them have failed at least once so far in my dreams.


Table turning ability: I have the ability to turn any situation into my favor by saying, “The Tables have turned against you”. Or simply, “the tables have turned”. (With an optional snap of a finger). In emergency situations, I even shout out: “Table-turn!” Although this is very rare. This has various effects, once turning a deadly plat-former game-like situation into an airship which I was the captain (and I was protected within a helicopter inside the airship); another scenario having me grow large into a god-like form and having an angel-like servant.

This is inferred to have omnipotent powers and infinite uses, although it will not work if there is nothing to turn the tables against. It is unknown if I can turn the tables against REVERSE-PSYCHOLOGY POWER or 22.

I had once thought that this power only works against those that wish me harm, but this is disproved within a dream where I switched the scenario against a man who wasn’t hurting me. The main con of this power is that I must not stutter while saying the statement.


The Ultimate Punch: By stating “Ultimate punch” and throwing a left hook, I can physically cause a giant crate in anything, but only greatly damage [not kill] anyone. I found it silly that I had to state my move out loud, and also thought this punch could not penetrate soft objects such as punching bags (this was disproved). Unlike the “one-punch”, it worked on the first punch, and did not glow, neither did it explode. However, some dream characters are powerful enough for the punch to have little to no effect on them. 

      Related:  “One-punch” kill: By yelling "ONE PUNCH MAN!!!" And punching somebody, I can defeat them in a maximum of two punches. Only immortals can survive that first punch. When this succeeds, my hand glows and the being I touch explodes. This can only kill one thing at a time; and does not work against inanimate objects such as glass. "The subconscious” is unaffected by this punch even though he did not even block them. 


"22": This has the ability to seemingly do anything within 22 seconds, no matter how hard it usually will be. All I have to do is to start singing --in my head--"the Suspense" (the part that is repeated, and it only plays once usually) while doing whatever I want to accomplish, and I will be able to do it, with much time remaining to do other things as well. I almost always begin with my right hand raised with the palm open to the left, which is interesting because I am not right-handed in dreams.

If I do this while not having a goal, nothing will happen except teleporting multiple times. I once re-shelved a load of books and even had time to read them by using this ability, while usually my efficiency only returned a very small load. Sometimes time freezes with this ability's use, other times time seems to slow down.  I can extend the effect of 22 by constantly replaying the last note of the song, or repeating the melody. The most impressive thing 22 has done is to put an annoying dream character within 7 black holes that were inside another.

Two dream antagonists have prevented this so far: The Subconscious stopped it in just a few seconds with a swift block by his hand, and a magical vine stated: "What's so difficult about The Great Game?"  while blocking all my hits, inferring that 22 was terrible in combat purposes (except to escape or throw others into black holes).


The other limit is that it can only be used if I can see my surroundings (this was misinterpreted by my dream self as "looking cool"), for example, I once failed to use 22 to light up a few candles in the dark (which seemed admittedly easy without 22). Although left-handed 22 is able to prove sufficient in combat against weaker characters, it is equally useless against powerful ones.

Other powers

These are displayed in the order they were "discovered", or rather, used within a dream. If two or more are discovered in the same dream, at the same time, then they will be put in alphabetical order with the others from the same dream.

Super-speed--I can speed up to a super-human speed. Turning is quite hard and slows me down severely. I can speed up so fast I teleport to a different area. A humming sound similar to an engine noise can be heard when I activate this power; the louder/higher pitch, the faster I go. Once in a dream it is estimated that I can run 20-30 miles normally with my super speed. I can also just ignore the "motor" speed and just go absurdly fast.


Time-traveling:  I can go back in time, by concentrating. Going back in time looks like a tape/movie being rewind.  It is unknown if I can travel to the future with my powers.

related:   Time-slowing: Can go to bullet-time by concentrating, the longer time frame that is slowed, the harder it is. Occasionally I do not need to concentrate and I will automatically react within a fight, as if my opponent is in slow motion. I can also shout “freeze time!”, but this ability is also inconsistent.


Telekinesis: This power has only failed once. I can make an invisible hand appear, and it is insanely large. It can interact with objects. However, in another dream it took much more concentration than usual for some reason. There seems to be no upper-limit to how strong my telekinesis is; and this ability is one of the few abilities to have never failed (yet appeared in multiple dreams).

I can also use my hands to directly manipulate objects by pointing to where I want them to go, and although this is slow, it is quite accurate. A strange stone seems to also be able to push people away with an invisible force with an inaccurate, but quick and larger force. It is never confirmed whether I own the stone or not. [In other words, whether it should or should not count as part of my powers]


Dream Manipulation—by speaking, I can suggest or use my mind to change the situation of the dream sometimes. One time a collapse structure was chasing me, and I was going too fast, so I purposefully slowed down and suggested the collapse go faster to increase the suspense.

        Related:    Divination-truth-sation: When I say something, and then think or mumble "divination-truth-sation" afterwards, it becomes true. This ability has only failed two times.

         Related:     Snap-command: It can practically do anything. While non-lucid, I summoned some “archers” by snapping my fingers and demanding, “Archers!!” In lucid dreams, I can stop waves, summon people or imaginary creatures, give myself 20/20 vision, among other achievements, most importantly noted, “Turning the tables in my favor”, so to speak.  I also summoned food and drinks using my snap-command. The snap command has only failed to alter a person [my aunt] once, and also failed to summon my friend Jamie when I needed her. [On the other hand, another time I simply imagined her and she appeared]

         Related:  Reality-warping: By merely thinking about changes in the environment, I can change the scenery or the people within it. This usually is executed in a lucid dream, in which case it does not fail.


Flight--for a certain distance (a few stories at a time). Works half of the time, but when successful, I am able to fly as fast as I can run. When LUCID, I can fly smoothly for an unknown, but inferred infinite, amount.

          subgenre:  Double/triple jump--when I try to fly but fail, jumping in the air instead. This is quite physically exhaustive.

          subgenre:  Glide--going forward while slowly descending. This happens when I jump from a high height and attempt to fly.



Clothing “regeneration”: Whenever my clothes are taken off, they reappear. This can be resisted and sometimes fail. I have yet to use this power to my advantage.


See-through eyes: When I close my eyes sometimes I can see through my eyelids. Sometimes this does not work.

The “6th sense”: I am able to sense close-by objects and crucial pinpoints when I do not have access to my visual sense. For example, even though I could not see an assassin behind me, I felt the close knife that narrowly swiped at me. Another example is within the sport that seemed to be a variation of field hockey, when I was blind-folded along with my competitor, I was able to sense where our hockey sticks were, as well as the location of the ball.


Paralysis-touch: I can paralyze my opponents just by touching them (in a certain method…normally by forming circles with my hands and using my index fingers to touch the other, with a “ding!” sound following). This can work on insanely huge people. This only works sometimes.


[Unlimited?] Teleport--I usually teleport by closing my eyes. The teleportation finish is signaled by the sound “ding”. I can also short-distance teleport by pointing my finger at the opposite end of a room. Another way is to run insanely fast; fast enough to teleport. I can also teleport other people, although usually only in LUCID dreams, where I snap my fingers and the person appears in front of me. I also managed to "summon" a 4th-dimensional creature in a LUCID dream. In that same aforementioned dream I also somehow summoned a “rock that I can lift and not lift at the same time”. It seemed to be floating in mid-air when I summoned it. I seem to also be able to teleport food by snapping my fingers (this one in a non-lucid dream). Another way of “Teleportation” is by flying at light speed. Things will turn dark and I can travel through a medium to any location I wish.


Force-field: This was introduced as a LUCID power by concentrating and holding my arms in an "X" formation. The color of the force field is green and visible as a green bubble around me. These protect me against practically anything, but seem to be not that effective against rain.


Element bending: In normal dreams, I have bent sand (one time), water, and electricity to my will (although one time an electricity ball required some charging). I have only bent air, and fire in a LUCID dream. It seems that the limitation for water is that I have to actually see the water. I have also once sent poison into one’s body. Interestingly enough, I can create ice out of thin air by pushing a hand out and yelling “FREEZE!”


Morphing: I can turn into various animals (practically ANY) when LUCID. I have only turned into a fox, and a female, in two separate normal dreams.


Phasing: I can pass through walls by pressing against them. I cannot see through them, and I only see the other side when my eyes pass through the walls. I can also pass my finger through my hand.