Natural Skills

Here are my skills that do not require much thinking on my part to be accomplished. My "true talent" has only been shown in a few of these, and even so they are extremely consistent.


Amazing singing: I can sing in auto-tune, with the background music, of any song. Of course, this is not automatic/mandatory. I can sing terribly if I wish to.


(Ice) Skating ability: I can masterfully ice skate, being able to do many tricks, including jumps, spins, and impossibly balancing on metal fences as well as depending on the edge of an ice-skating shoe blade to hang off the fence and twist around. Even my mother is so impressed that she wants to take pictures of my tricks.


Story-telling ability: I have great story-telling abilities, first shown in winning against the Villain’s retro-style video game opening made to excite us. This is further strengthened by my narration of a spaceship’s history and eventually leading into the lesson that the happiest man in the universe must have a good friend. I seem very trustworthy when story-telling.


Dancing skills: Due to my dexterity I can dance like a professional. I was chosen as one of the four dancers by the Dance Masters (inferring that although I dance very well, I am not the best in the universe). Still, I am famous for my dancing ability; and I can be seen in my dreams still yet copying others, either hinting at a time in which I did not dance well and was still training, or that I was humble and still copied others even with my amazing dance skills.

“Sleight of Hand”: A “superpower” mentioned above that was never made clear whether it was simply a skill or a magical power. The tricks all seem entirely possible in real life, with the possible exception of attaching an ice-skating blade to a strange shoe that can still hold friction on ice.

Most times it really does seem I have a sleight of hand, being able to conceal and then make a coin reappear. What made that trick interesting was that I had searched my entire body and could not find a coin, and I had revealed my hands to show I did not have a coin. [So this time, it is either showing I really am a master at sleight of hand, or I can make it appear like sleight of hand but was really using a super-power to make a coin appear out of thin air.] In that dream I simply spoke that I “Was going to make a coin appear”, never stating whether by sleight of hand or by a superpower. [Ohhh, the mystery factor!]


Lying ability: I can be able to tell partial truths or even act the opposite of what I feel easily [LIE: To express something intended to be false], and none of my dream characters have realized the better. Technically, every reverse-psychology statement is also a blatant lie. However, I have only used this ability for good so far, and only FIVE times:

1. Antagonistic Alter-dimension --Lied to villains who tried to trick me.

2,3. Perfect Acting in 3 situations --Pretended to be a guy who looked like Kool-Aid, after taking off disguise told the concert manager I didn't know where "he" was but that I could "get to him if I wanted to". [The latter is technically a truth, however, it was intended to give off the illusion that I was NOT pretending to be "Kool-Aid" and thus was a Facade of a lie]

4. Out-witting the Robbers--First instance of "lying". Pretended to be scared of robbers, only to surprise them later.

5. The Lie--First time where I did not even hear the lies. I lied to Pinkie Pie from MLP:FiM, but she didn't seem to mind.


 Acting: Even though it's with the help with disguises (inferred), I can completely turn my personality into a different person, so much so that my parent's and my sister don't even recognize me. I have turned into a man in his 40's with a beard, and a humble French waiter so far. With my true talent (invoked and uninvoked by blinking my eyes), I can warp the very fabric of reality, swapping my body with another (and convincing that they are myself) and even making Abby willing to receive a kiss, even though she was reluctant to even talk to me without my disguising ability.

Other skills

(Lucid) Efficiency: This could arguably be attributed as a trait instead of a skill, but it is common nevertheless. I quickly accomplish all of goals by going through them, mirrored also in my "22" power. This is only halted by the people around me being unhelpful or lack of knowledge in doing things.

Cooking skills: When LUCID, I have the ability to cook up very good food in only a few seconds. This was just one dream.


Fighting skills: I have the ability to fight at least of a black belt, being incredibly skilled at martial arts as well as wing chun.

I have only beaten once while fighting with my hands (in a duel with THE VILLAIN who had my alter-ego's gun), even against giant monsters).


In addition, I have an extra fighting style called "dance-fighting", in which I dance and fight simultaneously. I am able to fight so well that even without my abilities I can defeat people with flashy power-ups like super strength and super speed and even energy orbs, and I managed to narrowly defeat a well-trained ninja, although I gave up when faced with the challenge to beat Superman [without any powers].


While I usually fight with my bare hands, I am also able to use my two golden guns quite well, along with swords occasionally (see below)


Subcategory: Sword skills: I can fight excellently with a sword, being able to kills even small bugs and have the precision of able to thrust my arm forward at elbow-distance and still kill an ant. I also claim I can slice 1,000 raindrops per second. And regardless of my true skills, I once worried about being outnumbered by a huge group of sword-fighters. There seems to be a significant difference between my right hand and left hand sword-wielding abilities. I have never lost a duel using my left hand.


Car driving ability: I seem to be able to drive a race-car and able to operate a hover-board quite well. However, I am mostly seen with my mother and a coach, hinting that I am either a student driver as I am in real life, or I still have some more to learn. Even so, my muscle memory is so excellent (or perhaps my luck) I am able to drive blindfolded for quite a while without accident.


Artistic talent: I seem to also be daring and creative when trying to draw, being able to try to instantly paint after a few seemingly random scribbles. It is hinted that I am able to draw photo-realistically; although I was never able to decipher the pattern of colors in my dream and put them on a paper in real life. I also excel at drawing comics, being able to draw a professional-style 3-panel color comic within only a few moments from a story just experienced, as well as a 10 panel comic with photographic qualities in nearly an instant. My left hand is able to draw so well that it does not need artistic material/mediums, and can instantly turn objects into other objects or materialize out of thin air ("death into life").


Instruments: I can play the violin and the piano; the first at least as well as in real life (possibly better), the second nearing professional level and/or higher; being able to easily play any song I have troubles in real life, the hardest song so far being "Animenz"'s arrangement of "No Game No Life"


Language skills: I can speak both English and Chinese fluently, as in real life. I can also pretend to speak Spanish while actually speaking random things and fool an audience. [I can only speak little Spanish in real life]


Playing Sports: I was invited along with the best basketball players in the world to try to shoot the ball through the “hoop that could not be shot through”. I managed to shoot through it, revealing the hoop as a fraud. In another dream, I managed to shoot through a hoop about two full courts away. In another sport similar to field hockey, I managed to fare well and win at the end, even though I was blindfolded.


I also claimed that I was undefeated in all sports, so much so that people had to invent games and turn them into sports to top off my record. I also displayed my excellent flick of wrist at badminton which also nobody could return.


Intelligence: The only dream characters that have outsmarted me or fooled me are Blank and Mastermind. I can think of certain plans cleverly using the resources at hand, and although I usually prefer to face my enemies head on, one time I was facing an army so I prepared some traps to get rid of them, even though I was lucid and it was inferred that I could easily destroy them all with a snap of my fingers. I was also able to calmly plan a strategy before THE VILLAIN came.


Another time I was able to fool a girl, by giving her an envelope with money sent with the name of my grandfather, and then contrasting it by giving her a meaningful golden coin with a phoenix carving on it with my name. Yet another recent example is when I fooled people who were chasing me by giving my clothes to a random stand-by person and running in another direction.


Natural Speed: As mentioned below I have the ability to run super-humanly fast. However, even at times when I’m obviously not using my super speed, I can still run faster than other people, with them being unable to chase up to me. Once I even bragged, “No one beats Goodwin to the airplane.” (And I seemed to be right when my crush couldn’t beat me)


Reaction time: I can react incredibly quickly to things [An example is being able to adjust quickly and fight in response to the 2:30 witch, or swinging back and forth and changing my momentum instantaneously at the sight of the people that were chasing me in a different dream.] A display of weakness, despite my reaction time, was the freezing in shock at Golden-Bullet’s rebounding bullets (or any other threat, really). Sometimes time slows down when this occurs, other times it does not.  My quickest reaction was when I easily caught a sniper bullet in mid air.


Restraint/Control and Dexterity: "I am always holding back..." It takes a very frustrating dream character to get me angry. Even then, I rarely go all out on them. In normal situations, I can be seen using my right-hand for everything, despite the fact that within dreams, "I am not right-handed!" Even while using my trump cards, I face right or use my right hand, displaying just how much I hold back, and how much restraint I have.