Passive powers

These powers occur without even thinking about them or even trying to use them. Note that I have NO passive powers that fail me, except "clothing regeneration".

Toughness/Ultra Endurance (Passive power): In one lucid dream, I paraphrased/summarized this ability-- “I’m 99% physically immune to bullets”. I survived a point-blank shot to the head; and was only hurt by my alter-ego’s gun. I barely feel any pain when my fingers are cut off. The one time I felt insanely uncomfortable was when I was in a factory and the machine crushed all my bones. When lucid, I can become invincible, hinted by a golden glow around my body. I am naturally unaffected by fire, however, if combined with acid, it can still be deadly. It is hinted that surprise attacks can take me down (even if they don’t harm me), such as my willingness to be hit by a troll’s club, as well as Golden-Bullet’s rebounding bullet.


Heat containment:  I have the ability to keep the heat within my body despite the cold outside. For example, once I was completely nude and it was windy outside [I could feel a slight breeze], but overall I was still quite warm, radiating with heat. This can work so well that I can keep my body heat even in freezing cold temperatures fit for a penguin.

Magical Immunity: As shown in Voldemort's killing curse doing nothing to me (multiple times).

Infinite breath:  It seems that I can breathe in water. Even so, for some unknown reason I fear floods and I can tread water.

Super Strength: By eyeing a certain area, it is inferred that I can push anything into that area. Once, I easily pushed a (presumably parked) car all the way to the other side of the street. Another time, I lifted ridiculously heavy objects, although it was unclear how heavy these objects were. In addition, although they felt kind of heavy, it did not seem like they came any where close to testing the limits of just how strong I was. I also won a hand-wrestle against an unknown opponent. I can also punch through a solid brick wall without much trouble. My feet has once kicked an empty aluminum can around the world in just a few seconds with just one kick. I can also vaporize the Hulk in only one punch and even bring blood to one punch man, which has only been done in his dreams.

Other powers

    Emergency breath of destruction:  Seeming to  only  work while I was in danger and terrified (does not obliterate people if they do not threaten me), by breathing in and out deeply, I can destroy the cause of my fear into a gazillion pieces (they look like flying pixels).

Miracle: By pointing at any number of objects and stating, "I can show you miracles" (or even just "miracles"), they then assemble in a way that greatly helps me, no matter what situation I am in. It is stated I can only do this 100 times.

Reverse-Psychology: As long as something does not already exist, I can make it happen. (which makes this power very tricky to use while not in my lucid state) All I have to say is, “xxx will not happen”, and then, if it does not happen, I can proudly state, “told you”, and it will happen. However, I must not stutter. This is due to the fact that the subconscious is the main creator of the dreamscape while I am not lucid, and therefore looking down upon its powers will only encourage it to show you how powerful it is.

However, note that double negatives can get confusing, and nothing occurs.

This turned into quite an exciting dream when I really didn’t expect it to happen (in a non-lucid dream), though. [see 2:30 Witch] It is unknown if this power can prevent the all-powerful TURN-TABLES POWER.

This power is also not guaranteed to happen immediately, as one opponent was eventually defeated but not right after I said I could not possibly defeat him. This power also does not work across dreams, but it might be discounted, because while powers are consistent across dreams, there is no hint they leave any effect on another different dream (for example, permanently killing people or changing something noticeable and having it visible for another dream). My left hand can accomplish what I want merely by stating "see, I told you" without the previous statement, however, my intentions must be clear or else it will not work.


Power Grant: I can grant powers, shown in one dream. It is unknown if these powers granted have limitations like my own. A "meteor" power is mentioned.

Synesthesia: Either I can see music as patterns of colors, or I can create patterns of colors based on music. This is not passive since I can listen to music and not have synesthesia.


Konami Code: By shouting “konami code!” I am able to create an incredible defense system with shifting, inferred-to-be-invincible, fences that look like they’re made of barbed wire and clones that are made to distract the enemy, but don’t get hurt either. Has special interaction with synesthesia power. The weakness of this power is that it is basically just used for defense rather than utility.


Holographic Projections: By just holding my finger(s) up, I can create holographic projections. Spirit escape (questionable): One time, I had my head smashed with a table so hard; I escaped as a spirit-looking thing. However, this is questionable since many times I was knocked out yet I did not turn into a spirit; and it is never stated what would happen if I died in a dream.

Invisibility: I have the ability to make part of my body completely invisible [My right hand, in the case of the one dream it appeared in] as seen by other people or animals, although you can still hear me move, and I can make out my form slightly with a whitish glow. I can also make myself entirely invisible--even to my mother.


Explosion-touch: I can move my fingers in such a way [Both fingers beside my head, up-down left-right swinging motion, then moving forth] that they explode on contact with another object. This has only been shown in one dream.

False Reality: by waving my left hand over my face, I am able to disguise myself extremely well, so much so that my family cannot recognize me or my voice. ( I did this I made myself look like a French Waiter, another time I convinced someone I was them) this has the power to induce true love spells and can even fool myself or Mastermind. I can disguise myself right in front of someone and they will act immediately to any new disguise.

Worldbuilder: by stating “history comes from x”, all fundamental rules of society will change as well as experiences. I will always go on autopilot and find a way to survive, even if the rules are self-destroying. Worldbuilder would also be the one exception if history came from lack of communication (in order words I couldn’t say anything but this sentence).

Beckoning Power/Telepathic communication/hypnotism-or-suggestion: This was not very clear in the dream. I had the ability to call forth my friends Jamie and Ellen by using a beckoning motion with one of my hands while thinking their names.

Ramble-death: I can randomly chant, closing my eyes, and people will fall down. The first time I did this, I did not close my eyes, and a wind blew around me that made it impossible to see what happened to the people I faced. Another time I could clearly see the opponent while chanting, and the opponent suffered visible pain but were still silent. It is unconfirmed if people who suffer this specific power are unconscious or dead. This does not work against people who do not wish me any harm. Nothing happens if I sing random gibberish, though.

Midas touch: I can turn any inanimate object into gold just by touching them. If I use this power on gold, it becomes shinier.

Weather manipulation: I can change the location of the moon, and create thunderstorms as well as rainbows by will.

Sleight of hand/real magic: Whether it’s real magic or just a trick, it is never revealed. Regardless, I can make big cards appear from little cards, multiple cards appear from seemingly only one card, different colored cards appear, and finally choose a random card from the deck, then as I throw another card at it, the original card folds itself in half. 

“Fooling power”: Another one-time power, a narration described this special power, as when seen by others, “[they] only saw what was good about him”. [Referring to me]


Mind Control: By forming my hand into a shape resembling holding something, and looking at someone, I can control that person into saying things or doing things they would not usually do, by thinking or saying things out loud. However, if I lose my concentration I cannot use this power. When I use my left hand, I do not have to say anything and simply implant or delete the ideas in their head directly. However, the major weakness of this is that it cannot surpass physical limitations.


Impossible moves: I can flip and move without momentum, change my momentum in mid-air, or move through an impossibly tiny space. My flexibility is also impossibly great. Due to this, my opponents in my dreams are caught off-guard when I decide to flip-kick them; and I can also dance very well. In one dream, I participated in an obstacle-course game show. [See: EDWARD SCISSORHANDS] Even though none of these moves were actually shown, the other competitors agreed that I was “too good”, most of them ending up bloody and wounded while I only had a few cuts that annoyed me to some degree.

“Auto-destroy”: Only occurring in one dream, this ability allowed me to destroy humongous structures by just pinpointing one spot (supposedly the “weak point”).

Photographic Eye: Only done one time, I can take a picture of someone without a camera, merely by looking at them.

[Toon force]?: It is unknown what exactly this ability is. I demonstrated this ability by lifting up a great amount of weight by tugging a small piece of rope with only two fingers. (Super-strength subcategory?)


Magic reflecting: In addition to magical immunity as a passive ability, I can also reflect the killing curse, as shown against my sister's "kill command" as well as Voldemort's killing curse.

The Hand of Life: My left hand has a special ability that can turn death to life.

Last Save: Inferred by its name to be a desperate last measure, it erases my memory and pushes back my opponents, releasing a giant explosion. This is most likely used to clear my mind and think more carefully, reserved for combat use. I have only used it in one situation where I only used ranged attacks before using this ability, and then I seemed completely different, pulling out two swords (one in each hand), inferring my opponents were truly powerful.

Distraction: I can point my index finger somewhere and people's attentions will instantly be drawn there. It is unknown how long this lasts, and it is inferred it only works on the people I can see in my view or intend to work on (as it did not have a lasting effect on a random passerby). This ability seems to have no difference while using my left hand.


Combustion: If I put my hand in a position similar to my mind-control power, except in front of inanimate objects, and crunch my hand together, the object spontaneously explodes, or a meteor comes down within one second and destroys the object. I have only used this on cars and the road so far.


The Matrix: By putting my hand in a keyboard fashion, I can "hack" the dream world. I've successfully quit it using alt+f4, and also copied things using ctrl+c and ctrl+v