Smartest and most aware Characters

Most dream characters are dumb, but these are a few exceptions...


Virsieras, The Architect: Ingenious, ambitious and open minded, Virsieras is a girl who claims to have designed her own world with the help of a builder. We hit it off quite well and even had sex. She is very kind and seems relatively realistic.


The Subconscious (as a non-villain): He answers my pleas for help and is able to prevent any other dream character from harming me, as shown in his extremely powerful move that allowed him to stun a group of dream characters, as well as my 22 attack (which only one other character could stop). Not only so, he is similar to the dream guide in that he also guides me through dreams. There also seems to be different "layers" of the subconscious, with the 48th subconscious claimed to be the most powerful, since he looks like a child yet is able to subtly influence events that occur around him.


My Alter-Ego, John McGonnell: He had a cameo appearance within the dream with THE VILLAIN. His gun could hurt me, unlike other guns. John McGonnell seems to have white hair and sharp features. In real life I call my alter-ego Jack McGonnell (based on a past friend of mine).

In another dream we had a grand competition. We are practically equally talented in all measures possible, except that I swim slightly faster than him, and his psychology/prediction skills are able to outwit mine. In all sports, he is my equal, and in the overall competition we agreed it was a tie so that we would have a final "ghost hunt" to determine the true winner.

In yet another dream it is revealed that he held the world record for the highest score on the hardest virtual reality game ever made (1.7 billion points), but I beat him by a few hundred to thousand points.


Mastermind – ARC CHARACTER. A smart, conniving and ambitious man with great power.
Known info:

 His appearances: 2015 Jan, June, July (2x), October (x2), November (x2),  2016 Jan (x3), April (x3), May, July, August, Dec., 2017 Jan, March, May, July, August.


The Doctor: Based on the titular character of Doctor Who, he invited people to his birthday party. He claimed to be so smart that he was able to deduce the dream before I had even said it was a dream. I helped him with his birthday presents using my telekinesis powers and he was grateful.


D J, The Dream Guide:

His first name is D, last name is , and his usual appearance seems to be slightly taller than me. He came after I asked “where is my dream guide” multiple times. He seems very kind, trustworthy, and patient, answering my same question three times (are you my dream guide?).

He can suggest ideas and follows my orders/needs. He seems to have the ability to either teleport me or change the scenery. He is also able to change his appearance at will (once even appearing to look like my sister)

He is able to teleport and move incredibly fast, also being able to blast things apart with purple spheres of electricity, and is able to quickly disable enemies with flicks of his hand. Together, we seem unbeatable. In a death battle in which I challenged him to, my ultimate punch with its wide effect seemed to catch him off his guard and beat him, but in reality he just warped the scene. He is also able to get rid of every one of my ability, except the "three core abilities", proved by the fact that that was the only dream where 22 obviously failed.

He also answered my phone calls with a voice mail without the phone ringing. Despite such, his big weakness is that he is not as useful on the phone as in person. He only gave me useful advise one time out of three, and the other two times he said he couldn't help me. He admitted that phones depreciated his usefulness and efficiency, although he has still helped me out numerous times merely with talking via phone.  He is also the first person to ever hug me in a dream to show his affection.


Sora and Shiro: They pulled off a twist where they won against me in a pinball-machine looking game. They are based off of two incredibly genius anime characters who never lose games.


Voldemort: Even smarter than his real life book counterpart, he managed to trap many DC and Marvel superheroes, including but not limited to Green Lantern, Superman, and the Flash. 


Harry Potter: He cleverly sought a solution involving transfiguring a harmless-looking hairpiece into a powder to knock out Voldemort's henchmen, inferring he was even smarter than Voldemort (as the latter was present yet did not object to the hairpiece).


Bender: Similar to his TV counterpart, he is sly and able to manipulate people to trade unfairly and betray them for his own use. Even so, he loves drinking booze, just like he does in the real show.

Other important characters

Fhanz/Fanz: It is unknown how exactly his name is spelled, but he is claimed to be the most powerful dream character. He was able to fight my future self to a stand still, his force field being able to withstand the impact equivalent to a black hole, and only broken with my incredible reality warping abilities of my left hand. 


My Sister: Other than being a one-time villain, she usually chats with me with a friendly tone, and helps me out at times. She is also the second most appearing character in my dreams, the first most appearing being myself.


Goofy and Mickey Mouse—the former believed that he had to save the latter and urged me to help him. 

“Uther Lightbringer”: Based on a hero of the same name from World of Warcraft [and Hearthstone], he appeared in an Inn where he stayed away from his old troubles and kept with his new friends. He walked to the top of the Inn where few important people were allowed. I considered going to his place and challenging him to a duel, even thinking I might finally be beaten.


The King: I seemed to be running away from him. He had a tough time deciding whether his daughter was correct or I due to my “fooling power”.


Happiest Man in the Universe: He has white hair, blue eyes, and looks like Decim from Death Parade. Was held captive by a greedy captain of a ship who requested many treasures in order to become the happiest man in the universe, until the captain realized that you can’t beat the happiest man if you don’t have good friends.


The Penguin: It was too hot and I had to freeze it to suitable temperatures.

The escaping woman: She displayed supreme wits and speed by managing to escape a prison with very tight security. She was able to get out of her chains, fight the guards, and trick the final guard, the creepy head looking like Willy Wonka.


“Victoria”: Based on my sister’s friend in real life,  she had a birthday party which I planned. However, she was unhappy seeing my staged dance performance as well as our “fake save” we planned for her.

SpongeBob: He was running away from a catastrophe after having a failed date with a girl he seemed to relentlessly sacrifice himself for.


Napoleon Bonaparte: He trapped some boys in a maze with the help of "Leonard", however, he regretted his decision and tried his best to make up for it, nevertheless, he was blown apart by an unknown source, with the funny comment, "Napoleon Blown-a-parte" by me.

Leonard: The "bad" companion to Napoleon who was chased by a giant golden pig monster, and almost got away except my grandparents stopped him in his tracks, causing him to whimper and me to wake up (in real life)


My Grandfather: In a lesser dream I saw him come downstairs when I had finished a magic trick to turn the camera off, causing me to question who was filming all along. In a more important dream, I used his name when delivering a gift of money to a girl, then delivering a meaningful gift through my own name.


Riley (Anderson): Based off the main character of Inside Out, she is first seen having an argument with her friends and being sad and jealous at the same time. I try to fix the problem by going into her mind and entertaining her crowds of emotions or workers or whatever those people in her mind are. Her Sadness smiles at my efforts. When she wakes up, she writes down her dream in her dream journal and consults her psychologist, who happens also to be my psychologist.

She later meets up with me, has a mini snowball-fight, and ice skates some, although the later meeting was a very foggy and vague dream due to the snow I created.

Riley’s friend: She had an argument with Riley that made Riley jealous and sad. She walked away in frustration at the end of the conversation.

(Riley’s) Sadness: I told her she didn’t go well with jealousy.She felt bad for misunderstanding Riley’s friend but was happy again seeing my dancing and swindling the workers of Riley’s mind.

The Psychologist: A tall man who looks like he’s in his 40’s. He happens to be both mine and Riley’s psychologist. He gives good advice and suggestions.


 The two creatures-- they bluffed about threatening two giant/troll-looking creatures.


The “duo”: One tall and plump, the other short and skinny; they claimed money and cards in exchange to “helping me get my lunch box”, but in reality helping me realize there are more important things than my lunchbox.


Romance interests (most merely kissed once):

 Jamie (Clark): ARC CHARACTER. The third most appearing character in dreams (other than me). I kissed her as a good luck for her concert while we were both in our uniforms, then later kissed her along with Ellen in SERENDIPITY. I would later see her in a dream where she is ice-skating, and then in another dream watch “Of Mice and Men” with her upon sleeping bags. I would summon and kiss her within the "ridiculous school" dream. In her emails within my dreams, the dream character tells me she wants us to get married and makes me laugh with a single line of email. We have also gone back to talking within dreams, and recently I have let go of our relation due to strains in our real relation.

Appearances: 1/5/2013; 2015 July, August, September (x2), October (x2), November (x2), Dec. (x4), 2016 Feb.(X3),March(x5), April(x8),May, July(x6),August(x3), sept.,nov.(x3), 2017 jan(x4),feb(x4),march(x4),april(x6),may(x5)july(x2),july,aug(x3)


Abby: ARC CHARACTER.  The only character I admitted "was a pretty cool person". In a dream where I saw both Ellen and Jamie, I still summoned her and kissed her. She had a significant appearance in The Charismatic Abby, and she was the third character to hug me in a dream. Recently I have planned a marriage with her, then later I married her.  We have declared our love for each other in a dream (her first, then me). But matching our real life situation, we also had a falling out and she doesn't want to contact me. 

Appearances: 2016 March, Sept., oct.,Nov(x5),dec(x2), 2017 jan,feb,april(x8),may(x4),june(x10),july(x7), Aug.(x8) 



-The "Soul Mate"/heroine-- Has black wavy hair, seems sexy. She also seems to understand me and we had sex a lot of times, but I haven't kissed her as passionately as other interests listed here. She was originally blonde and saved me from drowning because she liked me, and I responded by liking her back. Our first meeting revealed in a flashback was revealed to be quite suggestive in its talk. She has friendzoned me since I tried too hard for her, and our relation is currently unknown.

-Ellen Wray --I was too nervous to tell her about my feelings, which also applies for in real life; but ultimately later she meet Jamie and I introduced them to each other, and in the end of the same dream I kissed her and Jamie. See SERENDIPITY;

Rainbow Dash;

Thi (Nguyen) (inferred romance with holding hands; no kissing); Audrey (Zeng);

“The Fish named ‘Nellie’” (Possibly; just playing); Girl teasing Spongebob (Only held hands for a moment);

 Iulia--kissed me on the cheek in one dream, bonded over dreams within a dream, went along with my omnipotent adventure, and hugged me in another... 

the girl in the Roller Coaster Building; the girl with the gifts [ I gave two gifts pretending to be different people, showing my intelligence], Random male; Jessica (Liu); The girl who saved my lunch box; the girl who my Dream Guide introduced to in a date



“Zack, Dack, Help”, Christ from Total Drama Island, Show-talkers/hosts of Shan-Tian-Xia, The receptionist, the spy (who watched me and mistook my gift to be a mooncake),

other no-name characters who helped me or only had cameo-appearances, The Guy with the Fried Eggs who offered me to taste his eggs, my grandmother who needed my help in her sadness,

The Basketball players who invited me to play, The Basketball coach (no relation to the Basketball players), the Game Show Host and his audience, unnamed girl; Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley [all 3 in one dream],

Riley’s mind’s workers; Tajiana [“Friend in ‘college’” but also friend in real life]; Asian friend of mine; Raven from Teen Titans Go who I misquoted-- “Escaping into space at maximum velocity is pretty much the most amazing thing ever!”

Anna and Elsa (Let it Go performance); overconfident woman; annoying guy;

The Two Trolls/Giants; Dumbledore; Cornelius Fudge