Important dream "landmarks"



Other ones not mentioned above:

The joker--1st dream recorded!

Absolutely Crushed-- First nightmare, still one of worst. 




8/28 - The Witch of 2:30-- First "Reverse-Psychology" dream, most exciting dream to date, so much so that I woke up right in the middle, and tried to finish it in a different dream



05/19/ - Challenge of Blindness -- First recorded dream that had (nearly) no visual

Mother ruins Darius's reveal -- possibly the most frustrating dream of all time.


3/23: Cool Movie: First format break of a dream.

The Drawing Contest -- First fail of "Table turn".

Mastermind? -- First lucid-dream to die within, question about, and continue the plot later

Out-witting the Robbers-- First dream where a character (me) lied/acted differently than they really felt 
Dream Guide-- First introduction of.... the Dream Guide, a character who greatly helps me in dreams

SERENDIPITY -- First incredibly notable "perfect" combination dream, inspiring me to beat this dream later

12/7/15: The Program: Another notable format break in a dream.



Subconscious's Attempt-- 01/11/2016. My subconscious proves that SHIOM is impossible to beat


PERFECTION--  6/11/16. The closest I had first come to beat OZ&SHIOM since SOAR

Unimportant No.2 -- 6/13/16. End of the "Silver Age".


Sweet Revenge-- First dream to ever successfully, and non-lucidly get back at a dream character for beating me in a competition/battle

Incredible Villain and Protagonist--The dream that marks an unusual succession of three incredibly perceptive or intelligent dream characters in a row (who were not previously introduced)



Building a CityDedication and Hypnotism by Flame-- unusual link of three dreams together in a streak--the first time this has ever happened!



Final SCP-682 Termination Log: A formal type format break 

Lipogram Story: August 7. First dream journal entry purposefully avoiding a letter ("E" in this case)

Ice Ice Baby: First 5-star dream to be completely alone the entire time.



15. CHARISMABBY-- 11/29/2016. NOT lucid. I have a great time chatting with my friend Abby.

14. Inside (and) Out -- July 20 2015. NOT lucid. Based on a film; super long but pretty dang good. 

13. TRUE SYNESTHESIA -- LUCID. A great combo of music and visual spectacle.

12.  Garden and New Telekinesis -  3/2/2015.  NOT lucid. Self-explanatory.

11. DEJA VU-- NOT lucid. 4/19/2016. cool experience w/ physics teacher and Jamie

10.  Ghost, Santa, and the Performance -- LUCID. A haunting feeling, a chill, and a great show, work together for a really nice dream. 

9. Badass Soulmate -- LUCID. The dream explains itself.

8.  RISING AGAINST THE DARKNESS -- April 29 2016. NOT lucid. Based on the incredibly touching ending of a manga I read (Assassination Classroom), this ground-breaking dream made me struggle to decide where to place it on this list.

7. ART OF MONARCHY--June 29 2015. NOT lucid. Filled with tension and emotionally touching, but stole a line from The Lego Movie. 

6. Nice Meal  --July 30 2013. NOT lucid. High rating mostly for feels and family connection. 

5 SPORTSFECTION--June 11 2016.  LUCID. I use my analytical powers to best an expert in basketball, and accomplish numerous other goals that combine together to make an amazing dream, though a little rushed.

4.  SOAR--February 17 2016. LUCID. Flying is amazing, even with other things mixed together. In this dream I had felt like I beat (or at least come close to beating) my favorite dream.

SERENDIPITY--July 16 2015.  lucid. Perfect combination of cool seemingly-random scenes that are relevant to real life. Very difficult to surpass.

2.  Action! Romance! -- August 1 2017. Sort of lucid. Self-explanatory.



Before we reveal those dreams which are both number one, let me introduce our honorable mentions (to the top 15):



16..  Piano Battle: Fire and Ice.  February 27 2018 Lucid. A musical competition with a decent twist at the end, contrasts hard against a one-star dream I had directly before it.

17. My X-Rated Fantasy Musical Adventure-4/30/2016. 1/7 of people I surveyed had their favorite dream involving sex. While it was indeed very pleasurable for me, it rather pales in comparison to my other dreams listed here.

18.   A pawsitive journey -- Not lucid. I'm a cat the entire dream, AND I'm in a box. Care to read more? Go ahead...

19. Getting the lunch box!--6/28/2015. an interesting dream with an unexpected ending.

20. Detective 9spaceking -- 10/10/2015. LUCID, self explanatory, based on written scene of mine.

 That's it!

And now, for my number one dream..

(drum roll please)...


















1. OZ&SHIOM --November 5 2015. LUCID. Begins non-lucid but goes into a great interaction with the subconscious with three different goals, all very cool, and the last one especially touching. [Short link:] 

5 Star dream similarities

This is an analysis of my five star dreams and what they have in common to help get an idea of how to have more good dreams.

  • Productivity/learning IRL. The Sixth Sense influenced the Golden Age, a real life social problem caused Serendipity,  and the day of orientation at VA Tech I dreamed A!R! The exception to this are during my cruises in real life, which did not have any five-star dreams, hinting that vacation is not the key to having them.
  • Companionship Focus. In only one 5-star dream have I been alone. In one-star dreams, I am either alone, or those that surround me always give off a negative impression. Companionship is so important that more than about 80% of five-star dreams focus or feature on more than two characters. However, I will note that only one person has been in three or more 5-star dreams reoccuring (Abby, in CHARISMABBY, To The Sun, and Action! Romance. Soul Mate could be arguable).
  • Music. This is specific to myself due to my love of music. A lot of 5 star's, such as A!R!, Serendipity, Piano Battle, True Synthesia, and even Detective 9sk, featured a cool soundtrack that boosted the surroundings and enjoy-ability. 
  • Fantasy element. While I have had a lot of realistic dreams overall, most of my 5-star dreams are impossible and wacky.
  • Conflict. < 1/3 of my 5-star dreams have no conflicts of any type. This makes sense: problems must be overcome to feel achievement.  Even the exceptions have some type of advancement of relation involved or a fun activity within them.
  • Light/dark balance.  Five-star dreams always have a bright setting to contrast against this to represent hope and joy. In contrast to this, the vast majority of one-star dreams are in a gloomy or dark location. 
  • Novelty element.  My heroine (the first five-star) had the first suggesting romantic interaction, as well as finally saving me from the flood in my nightmares long ago; Out-witting the robbers had some character lying for the first time; SLEIGHT OF CARDS was highly unpredictable; SOAR was one of the only times flying had succeeded; Action! Romance! had a unique combination of two genres; and most notably OZ&SHIOM has three goals accomplished in one dream. 
  • "Softened ending". Only one 5-star dream has ended on a cliffhanger, and most have rather wrapped up decently nicely with a touch of emotion (kisses are the most obvious one, but music is key too). Usually, this touch is not the focus of the dream (in other words, it is not the best part). The only exceptions where the ending ended in an emotional climax rather than a touch-up were SOAR; ACTION! ROMANCE!; Space Adventure and SERENDIPITY.
  • Lucidity Relation or vice versa. (Correct as of 4/4/2019).  Half of 5-star dreams are lucid (about 51%, at 38 dreams thus far), this is massive compared to my normal 15% rate of lucidity.  Even the other way around, almost 20% of my LD's are 5-stars,  much higher than my overall 5% 5-star rate. The fact that I have had only one lucid nightmare also further asserts the relation of lucidity to dream quality. 
  • Feeling of accomplishment. A lot of really annoying dreams are 1 or 2 stars because my power is limited or I cannot complete a task. Some great examples are how in The Fish and the Superheroes I was unable to go across some netting to get to some skyscrapers, while OZ&SHIOM had me directly access said skyscrapers. In another, I failed to declare I was the crowned prince of Darius, while another five-star dream made me the owner of a hotel which was named "Darius".
  • Importance of conversation. This is arguable as a pattern has yet to clearly appear, but only 9 out of 60 five-star dreams are wordless (no important conversations), while a little more than half of my 13 nightmares are wordless.  Information is difficult to convey without clear words, but I believe pain is easier to deliver than joy, explaining this "data".