I'm a creative guy and I like to draw [see my "self portrait" near the site title], play piano, violin. I'm known as 9spaceking on Dream Journal, and I have a deviantart account on 9king.deviantart.com. If you can figure out my real name merely from my dreams, you're very observant. 


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elf-centered and cocky, sometimes cold and emotionless, easily frightened by nothing but sometimes courageously standing against all odds, he is good at running away, with a good evasive movement, and fighting, with excellent martial art skills, along with lots of powers available to use.

Occasionally he is cautious as he learns from his mistakes of being caught by surprise. When lucid, he is smart and confident, not as arrogant as his non-lucid self, but is not undefeatable.

I seem to display influence and authority at times (with hints of being “king” of certain lands and even a dream suggesting my position as the “crowned prince of Darius”), being able to command some people and earn some others’ respect. This is also hinted at the fact that many monsters and people attack and attempt to kill me. I am also able to gain the trust of very smart characters and team up with them to defeat antagonists.


STRENGTH: At the very least I can easily smash a brick wall, and kick a soda can all the way around the world within seconds. I was also able to hurt Saitama, though his dream self is weaker than his true self. However, this is consistent with hurting Goku, who has similar durability feats. Both of these were accomplished with my right hand--the weaker hand in dreams. My highest feat without using my voice was kicking so hard as to instantly vaporize an average person, and using my left hand to create a nuclear explosion. While saying "kill", I am able to instantly kill Thanos with the infinity gauntlet.


DEFENSE: Nigh-impenetrable. I am invincible to bullets, and I shrugged off a stab to my heart easily. My sword skills can match Batman's combat, and he even admitted I was better than him. Goku's Kamehameha, which destroyed the entire planet, did not even scratch me. Not only does saying “Konami Code” create an invincible distracting defense, I also have "table turn" ability.


SPEED: This is summed up by my quote, "Nobody beats me to the airport!" Short endurance, but it’s very hard to follow. I have easily traveled 20-30 MPH, however, at my greatest I am able to teleport an undetermined distance. I am also able to focus and run approximately two miles within the blink of an eye. I also claim I can "slice 1,000 raindrops per second", but this is unsupported.


INTELLIGENCE: I have solved various problems (milk cup problem) but I still lack some common sense in dream-awareness. Mastermind has outsmarted me (convinced me that he died), as well as Sora and Shiro (won against me in a Pinball game). Despite such, I have displayed very shrewd analytical power, and while focusing, am able to improve my martial art skills, show off my true sports skills, and analyze people carefully.  Perhaps the best example of how clever I am is using the fact that a girl liked true effort more than money to get her to like me. 


POWER: I have shown command over the dreams, especially with all of my TRUMP CARDS and absurdly powerful reality-warping abilities. However, my nightmares are more out of control, and most times I depend on the subconscious and request him when it comes to complete manipulation of the dream.


WEAKNESSES: Despite my incredible powers, I must have confidence in order to accomplish them. Although I am normally immune to fire and lava, liquid nitrogen can make my skin vulnerable to them. In addition, if my heart is cut off I lose my powers. Nevertheless, even powerless, I am an incredible threat.


Here are some interesting theories to what has happened within the dreams to get you into the groove.

1. All the dreams form a coherent storyline

This theory makes sense with connecting plots inferred within a lot of dreams. Even still, the "random dreams" that do not fit arcs seem confusing, even as "fillers" that exist in usual stories.

Ongoing arcs:

-The "Romance/Drama Arc" [L-A] going from Jamie (who did not work out), to Ellen momentarily, then finally Abby. The Heroine/soul mate may also be considered, and in the beginning they seemed more to be "friends with benefits", but later on she showed that she loved me (and vice versa) beyond just for sex. Since Abby and my love declaration was directly after DJ's death, it is very plausible we tie into Mastermind's plot somehow. 

-"Mastermind's Arc" (Superhero mystery thriller) [L-A] explaining why a man faked his own death to escape a malicious organization wanting to use his powers for themselves. We have bought down quite a few subordinates, but the leader remains unknown after electrocuting a lot of people who are inferred to be my allies.

-"Family Arc" (Slice of life/drama genre) where I do a lot of activities with my family. Most of these are realistic, however, a lot involve my mother underestimating my abilities and evolve into overblown fights.  Even so, I get along quite well with my sister in dreams, just as in real life.  The big plot hole that brings doubt to whether all the dreams connect into one story is that my marriage with Abby wasn't even discussed (although admittedly "Family Arc" dreams dwindled down ever since Abby's appearance).

-"Sports and games" [L-A] (Action adventure genre) in which I never lose against others in the two activities that title this arc [except notably Blank in a pinball machine game]. This is more of a collection of events rather than one straightforward story.

-"Best dream arc" [L-A] (various genres, mostly adventure)  is a series of lucid dreams where I attempt to beat my favorite dream [Oz&SHIOM] since my subconscious claimed it was impossible. So far,  the subconscious, DJ, and Mastermind have all given tips to attempt to beat it, but failed in kind. The one important character I have yet to ask is my future self.

-"Intelligence arc(Suspense Thriller , arguably psychological genre)  ties into Mastermind's arc a little, but mostly it is a collection of events where I show how clever I am by outsmarting others. One of these dreams can arguably share the Romance Arc [although none of the usual interests were shown]. Note that the Hero of the Ages may be smart, but in no dream have I attempted to plan something out and also fought opponents physically, thus separating this arc from the other.

-"Cyberpunk Arc" [L-A] Inspired by science fiction along with persistent realm, I tried to create one. So far, it has not established itself to be persistent, but in the first dream I made clear the rich and the poor disparity, the system's oppression, and in the second dream I asserted the system's power by having it get rid of a magical society. Said society was forced to abide by rules of science in the cyberpunk world.


Concluded arcs:

-"DJ's Arc" [L-A] (Slice of life adventure genre) not necessarily chronological, but more a scattered collection of my dream guide helping me have fun in dreams. He seems to be vaguely involved with Mastermind, but this is never made perfectly clear. It is entirely possible Mastermind's antagonist has killed him somehow.  

-"Darius Arc" (Fantasy adventure genre)  where a prince went missing and I discovered his trinket in my backpack, concluding me to be him. It is ambiguous whether I truly revealed myself, but later it is revealed that the kingdom went well under my rule. In another flashback, it is made clear that I was a considerably impressive conqueror. In the end, Darius was just the mascot of a hotel after all.

-"Hero of the Ages Arc" (Superhero action adventure genre) [L-A a little]  I fight many monsters and various antagonists. I save a lot of people, and have a lot of very touching moments. It is made unclear whether I died or not in the dream where an assassin overpowered me and with me dissolving I state what seems to be the Hero's last words-- "Death is the greatest journey... as was life." 

-"Chased Arc" [L-A to conclude] (Action Horror genre) is an arc where I was constantly chased by floods, and then later two bullies. I was saved from the floods by The Heroine, and I killed the two bullies with a gun. 


Biggest unanswered problems

-Are my romantic interests indirectly related to Mastermind's plot?

-How was DJ killed, and future self poisoned, despite their immense power?

-How is "Fhanz" related in all my plots, being the most powerful dream character?


2 DJ is the crowned prince of Darius

It is entirely possible D J is just initials for some real name, as maybe Darius the prince wants his identity hidden. When I discovered Darius's identity, my mother stopped me from declaring it, most likely as an act, supporting this idea. I also hinted that I doubted D J was his real name.


3. John McGonnell is the Villain

This is supported by the fact that John looks a lot like the villain, the only problem would be why he doesn't disguise himself and what motivations he'd have.  He also seems to be one of the last few people surviving the electrocution test by the presumed real villain, however, BBQMcChicken is such a suspicious name that this man might not be the true antagonist.


4. I am ambidextrous in dreams

Although I constantly state "I am not right-handed", that does not contradict this, and I also never directly state "I am left-handed". Despite my left hand's incredible skill with a punch stronger than my right, better at art, violin, and even sword-wielding, I always use my right hand in my strongest reality-warping abilities. Compared to my right hand bringing in someone into 7 black holes within one another, along with transforming a nightmarish dark abyss into my own airship, my left hand has only shown enough power to exceed a black hole, but how much more was never made clear.