Three core powers": In one dream, my dream guide took away all my powers and stated he had given me three powers: Intel, Stashed Weapons, and Armour, However, it is entirely possible these powers are impossible to take away. This is proved by the "power-sapper", who I did not confirm whether I had my powers stolen, but my "armor" power was still intact since I survived extreme hot water. In addition, my dream guide had need not give me the three powers since I already have "intel" (ability to analyze and think carefully); "stashed weapons" (I pull out guns and swords out of thin air); and armor (protect against bullets and punches); rather, more accurately he would have needed to say "you can keep those three powers".


Path to Victory: When following my intuition, I have never been harmed and I have never lost any type of competition, game or otherwise. Despite dancing around and doing seemingly ridiculous things, my intuition always leads me through. However, this seems to have limitations since when I tried balancing a ball on a bridge it fell off, and I concluded my intuition could only predict 10 steps forward (which is quite ambiguous and confusing). My intuition is also not guaranteed to succeed in every situation possible.


"Deterioration": It is inferred that my powers gradually deteriorate over time, or perhaps with each use, or even with each successful use. EXCEPTION: While some powers, such as my paralysis touch or telekinesis, appear to be more untrustworthy the more I use them, other powers such as flight are very inconsistent and can work at times, but not so much at others. There is also the fact that my current "100%" powers have not dwindled down with each (successful) use.


Confidence-source based: It is possible that my powers depend on my confidence, with the sole exception of Reverse Psychology, since my powers are extremely efficient while I am lucid and don't seem to consistently work when I am not. EXCEPTION: Some powers, despite used while I am confident, seem that I also have to make the connection that it is a dream and therefore I will be able to do anything, in order to actually do the power. (In other words, logic trumps confidence in those specific cases.)


Air pressure resistant: when flying, there is no limitation, and therefore I am immune to air pressure. EXCEPTION: If the dream world didn’t have air pressure that would instantly negate this implied power.


Precognition: I know some things within a dream scene as told by my subconscious. I also have "visions" of what would happen if I did something, although this only occurs sometimes. EXCEPTION: If the subconscious is using ITS powers upon me, or if I already knew those knowledge, then this “power” is moot.


“Movie Camera”: I can see things even while not in my body; sometimes presented like a movie scenery. EXCEPTION: If this is part of my spirit powers then this is only a subcategory of a power I really do have.


Infinite energy storage: Because I can instantly turn the tables against any threat [See 100% Powers], it is inferred that I can store infinite energy within my body to use. EXCEPTION: My powers have limitations so maybe it’s not truly infinite, just a ridiculously arbitrary large amount.


Strong bones: I have bones that are very hard to break, because this comes hand-in-hand with the super strength power (I did not break any bones while lifting ridiculously heavy objects). This is strengthened by the fact that my bones only broke under a huge factory machine crushing them all. EXCEPTION: If my bones are strong, then why am I so easily knocked out by crushing blows? Should not the Bone density absorb the majority of the impact? Is my brain extra weak, and/or my bone is weak there? I have not yet used my head to lift heavy objects or break through strong obstacles.


Amnesia: I cannot remember much of a dream and I skip past boring scenes. EXCEPTION: since this is a natural result of the long sleep and brain activity, everyone who dreams has this "ability" and thus, arguably this is negligible, or just "the natural price to pay" for having such great power.


Inability to Read: When reading, I cannot really make out the words and they are hard to interpret. EXCEPTION: many dream psychologists (in real life) reason that the part of our brain that interprets words is "asleep" or not working during this stage, preventing us to read, thus, another "passive payment" in addition to amnesia that most, if not all, people have to pay for their great powers.


"CHOOSE": In one dream, a voice gave me difficult choices and a limited time to choose (after presenting the choice, less than 5 seconds in real time). However, this could just be another person's power (most likely the Subconscious's) and furthermore, it was merely presented once, thus a dubious power, and even less likely to be my power.


Instinct Suppression: This is inferred by the fact that I always open up attacks with my right hand and do normal activities with that same hand, even though it is my non-dominant hand within dreams. EXCEPTION: it is possible that the statement of "I'm not right-handed" makes the left-hand powerful.