Those whom defeated me: The battery, The Troll with a Club, Golden-Bullet, unnamed villain in earth-bending dream; and The Woman with The Flamethrower.  [Also “Mr. Number One” technically in terms of views]. I have defeated all of them in a rematch except the Woman, the unnamed Villain, and Mr. Number One.

These villains only managed to defeat me with my allowance (the troll), my surprise (Golden Bullet, the unnamed villain) or overwhelming fear (the battery). Only Golden-Bullet seemed to purposefully plan his surprise attack on me. The methods of which Mr. #1 uses to defeats me are unknown. The Woman with the Flamethrower sufficiently confused me enough to defeat me with a new weakness.


The Subconscious: My confidence powers depend on hi,, as well as my reverse-psychology powers [From the latter it is hinted that the subconscious hates being looked down upon]. Its manipulation powers seem infinite, and can work together with my lucid manipulation powers quite well.

As a dream character, he is tall and big and can take on the ultimate punch without any noticeable damage and isn’t affected by two “one-punch-man’s”. He is also easily able to stop 22, which is inferred to be otherwise omnipotent. His only weakness seems to be his own "subconscious", whose mere appearance blows his head up.

The second time I met him, he kept on disappearing and reappearing as if anticipating my attack. He rejected my death battle but helped guide me through protecting a relic. In addition to this, he helps me out a few times when I'm lucid, listening to me, even trying his best to surpass my favorite dream (See: SUBSONCSIOUS'S ATTEMPT)

BBQMcChicken: Despite his seemingly innocuous nickname, he is the MAIN ANTAGONIST against Mastermind. He electrocuted a lot of people in a classroom for fun, giving the illusion of hope by telling them they may live if they answer truthfully to his questions. His nickname infers that he is somehow related to Jamie, though this is not confirmed.


"Unkillable": A character who I unleashed all my power on yet could not even scratch. It is highly plausible this is the same character as the Subconscious.

The Power Sapper: She claimed to have taken all my powers away. She is very vengeful in that she betrayed me after I betrayed her. She had trapped my mother in a pool of extremely hot water.


My mother: Possibly the strongest and most formidable out of all my dream villains, my mother is the only villain to have repeatedly appear across my dreams. She ruins some dreams, but sometimes only participates as a bystander in others.

She is able to prevent my paralysis-touch, parry my martial arts blows, stop my time-slowing powers, and is even able to dance almost as well as me. She can resist my snap-time-slowing/stopping powers. Furthermore, she has even survived a brutal beating when I was lucid, being the only villain so far to have done so. The only power of mine that has gotten past her is my invisibility.


The Woman with the Flamethrower: Chased me down with an overly heated Flamethrower that confused me since I was immune to fire. It was later revealed that the gun melted partially into acid which harmed me and defeated me.


The Villain: He challenged me to a contest. He roared in my face when we met each other. He lost in a storytelling contest, despite his excellent cut-scene with a motorcycle and explosions. He was the first antagonist to ever defeat me in a fight that I did not object to (in the contest the score was 2:1), although humorously he lost in a dressing contest. It is unknown what his fate was.


The Business Man: He appears wearing a mask. He seems to be unaffected by building crumbles, and is quite quick and agile. He either has a building that can send people back in time through the entrance, or he has the ability to send people back in time (but the second one is less supported because it is illogical). His main weapon is a gun-knife. He sets up a trap to defeat me; but this obviously fails because I meet up with my future self.


My “aunt”: She is a fat woman in contrast to the skinny aunt I really have, unaffected by my snap command power, although I didn’t say anything to determine her fate or anything. She didn’t really seem to want to harm me; although this can be doubted due to the later events of a mysterious force attempting to steal my powers. I have talked to her for guidance a few times before.


“Mr. Number One”: He dons a fancy suit and tie, and he appeared in a dream in which we were competing for who had the most views. He was impressed by a magic trick of mine.


“Skull Flame”: Pretty much the most prepared villain yet. He set up a series of obstacles located on top of various floating platforms, including monsters, insanely high monkey bars, a cannon, and even some soldiers, to stop me from reaching him. I had to use my impossible moments to skip past much of the obstacles. Even he himself is vastly prepared alone, attacking ruthlessly, and even using “strategy” [a diversity of elements/antagonists] to defeat me.


Metal Knight: A big man protected by armor. He was beaten down by a stick and his metal was dented, but he got back up after a while of deceiving me.

Crazy Man: He throw exclusive bombs using a strange machine. He helped me deduce that I cannot enter the zone and that, fully speaking, the konami code does nothing. However, merely shouting “konami code” creates an impenetrable defense system.

The Petrifying villain: I had to touch the empire land right next to his before a certain time-frame, otherwise he would be able to freeze me permanently in place. It is inferred that he is quite sadistic, since he remained a poker face and waited a while before telling me that I had indeed managed to cross his land—by a single toe, too!

Edward Scissorhands (REFORMED): He was the revealed game show manager in a plot twist ending. He had other famous stars and I run incredibly dangerous and sharp escalators, and had many weapons along with the obstacles. The other stars turned out bloody and wounded, and even though I was “too good” compared to them, I still got cuts all over that annoyed me. He appeared first wearing gloves, and what other thing gave him away was the sharp corner of the ticket to his game show. He admitted that he wanted something different from his simple gardening after revealing his true identity.


The “Chosen One”: With only his nickname known, he was the final boss in the obstacle course with me versus my sister. He is very arrogant, and he also taunts and comments against the opponent. Blows barely harm him, and he easily surprises people with his quick speed and deadly chops, contradictory to his huge frame and seemingly ignorant face. It is inferred that I defeat him, but that is unclear.


"Skelly McSword": He is a skeleton, able to wield a sword quite well, and also able to punch with great force, and take on the ultimate punch, even if surprised by its force. He overwhelmed me so much that I was forced to use "22" to defeat him.

The teacher: He is a teacher of people with special powers. He challenges me to a duel to humiliate me since I look down upon his simple exercises. He is surprised that I can fight as well as he can.


The Men in Black: There are four men in black. They are all thin and just as tall as myself. They wanted to send me to a school where I could hide my talent. They were the first dream characters to ever survive a ramble-curse and a table-turn, proving that I could not harm innocent characters with my powers (and inferring that I would have to physically harm them).


My sister (one time): My sister normally seems to be quite friendly with me. She was only the “villain” one time when I summoned her for a death battle. (Arguably, I could have just as well have been the villain in that dream).

Just as she claims in real life, in that one death-battle dream, she had the powers of Snap-kill, bubble-force-field, singing pretty good along with ice powers. She lost due to the surprise of her snap-kill being reflected and being unable to block the One-punch kill. In another dream, I was aware she had powers just like in her dreams but was unwilling to use them to kill another. 


Golden Bullet man: shoots with his golden gun [It looks suspiciously similar to my own golden gun] that has gold bullets at other people. Has rebounding bullets that catch me by surprise and either kills me or knocks me out unconscious.

The 2:30 witch: She is very creepy. She first appears in a dark room, stating random times, and is able to hear my whispers talking about how she will never get to 2:30 [REVERSE-PSYCHOLOGY POWER], so she states “it’s 2:30”, then traps me in a traveling van. She chews off a head, spewing blood, in order to intimidate me. She is able to parry my martial art skills and rebound my paralysis touches while slyly smiling. There seems to be a crazy maniac working for her in the back shutting off an exit.

The Captain: He was very greedy and he held captive of the happiest man in the universe and obtain treasures so that he would become the happiest man in the universe.

The Toy Guy: A scary toy with a knife. He is almost going to kill me until he is swiftly taken care of by my lucid emergency-breath.

The Arch nemesis of Hiccup [a How to Train Your Dragon character]: He taunted me and first called me out of not being Hiccup then accused me of doing something bad to Hiccup, at which I grew angry, then turned into my God form using my Table-turning abilities and snapped my fingers at an angelic servant to “carry him away”.

The Voodoo Man-- He appears first wearing a voodoo mask presumably to intimidate me. He reveals that he has trapped us in a 12,000 story tall building with impenetrable glass that cannot be seen through from the other side [but the inside CAN see the outside]. He reveals his face for unknown reasons. (Maybe to confirm the fact that he is human rather than magical)


"The God of Martial Art" --This is only a conscious nickname given, due to his quickness, his strength, and endurance that allowed him to gain so much upper-hand on me that he nearly killed me had it not been for underestimation of me endurance, combined with reverse-psychology possibly weakening him and table-turn delivering the killing blow.